12-Jul-2007 12:27:00
by Ben Whitaker

September 12th - Cambridge Wireless event: "Money Talks"

Money Talks! Have you ever sat at a mobile conference listening to a speaker and thinking 'Okay, but how can we make money out of this'?

12th September 2007 I'll be at Gonvile and Caius College in Cambridge giving a presentation about:

  • Our experiences rolling out mobile applications with financial transactions in them
  • Dealing with multiple languages and currencies
  • Security requirements for mobile commerce, and common problems
  • Security solutions for mobile commerce that attendees can use to monetise their products
  • Demonstrating EncryptME, our 3kb RSA/AES security component for mobiles (of course)

Go to Cambridge Wireless website for more details, and feel free to come along!

Written by Ben Whitaker

A Co-Founder of Masabi, Ben is the company’s Chief Evangelist, focussing primarily on innovation at the company, as well as helping agencies to understand how to bring new technologies into their transit operations without the expense and risk of multi-year large capital projects.
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