03-Sep-2007 12:36:00
by Ben Whitaker

2FA demo in Cambridge on Wed 5th Sep

Two Factor Authentication systems have come under fire recently from hackers and researchers for a number of drawbacks and vulnerabilities:

  1. Man-in-the-middle attacks are being successfully used against Banks using 2FA
  2. Reports of more than 20% of Hardware tags are lost or broken
  3. Expensive - and cumbersome for consumers
  4. PIN codes can still be stolen by phishers, or Shoulder-surfers/cameras

In conjunction with GrIDsure, we have developed a mobile 2FA system which addresses these issues and has the following benefits:

  1. Resistant to Man-in-the-middle
  2. No additional Hardware
  3. Resistant to PIN theft
  4. Resistant to keyloggers/viruses/cameras/people watching the mobile or the PC
  5. Many times stronger than PIN
  6. Fraud Reactive
  7. Still protects several transactions even if your phone AND your PC are compromised (I haven't heard of many systems that can claim that)
  8. Simple and convenient, even 7 year old children can use it

We will be at the Cambridge Enterprise Conference on Wednesday 3rd September, along with GrIDsure, demonstrating Two Factor and Two Channel protection of purchases and logins that are suitable for protecting ATMs, Door entry, E-Commerce, VPN logins, On-Line Banking and more. Come along and see us if you are in the area. (previous live demonstration given at Mobile Monday )

We will post screenshots and a full description of the technology next month.

Written by Ben Whitaker

A Co-Founder of Masabi, Ben is the company’s Chief Evangelist, focussing primarily on innovation at the company, as well as helping agencies to understand how to bring new technologies into their transit operations without the expense and risk of multi-year large capital projects.
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