25-Mar-2009 18:17:00
by Ben Whitaker

Digital Money Forum - London 31st March

This Tuesday I'll be at the Digital Money Forum, at the Guoman Hotel in Charing Cross, London.

As well as being on one of the expert panels on the afternoon on the first day, I'll be around all of Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon if anyone wants to chat.

The expert panel with the vague title "London Calling" sounds like it will have quite a wide ranging debate, but we'll probably be working around the following talking points:

  • UK Digital Rail Ticketing,
    and the battle between SmartCard/NFC and Mobile Barcodes, and which might offer more bang for the buck, especially where public money is being spent
  • UK Payments Council Project - Mobile P2P bank payments in the UK,
    our opinion on how to give it a chance of success where so many e-payment initiatives have floundered
  • Open (PKI) VS Closed (Oyster/MiFare/ITSO) Security models,
    we're pushing the open approach, as Dave Birch knows.
All of which are topics with different points of view, and of course the debate will be steered by the moderator into which topics would be the best food for discussion between the panellists there.

The event is run by the security experts at Consult Hyperion, who Masabi strongly endorse for anyone looking for audits and advice on their business and technology security, especially if they are working in the brave new world of secure transactions on new platforms at the edges of conventional established practices.

You can also hear a chat between Masabi and Consult Hyperion's Dave Birch on this podcast if you are interested.

Written by Ben Whitaker

A Co-Founder of Masabi, Ben is the company’s Chief Evangelist, focussing primarily on innovation at the company, as well as helping agencies to understand how to bring new technologies into their transit operations without the expense and risk of multi-year large capital projects.
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