17-May-2011 14:51:10
by Ed Howson

Chiltern Railways App Stars in The Gadget Show

The Chiltern Railways app was given a starring role in last night's episode of the Gadget Show on Channel 5. In the show's regular challenge segment, two of the presenters raced each other to a destination using public transport. One used the latest technology to make her journey quicker and easier, while the other was not allowed to use technology at all.

The Chiltern Railways app came to the forefront when the presenters had to catch a train: one simply looked up train times, bought her ticket on her phone and caught a train in three minutes, while the other had to wait in the queue for the ticket office. The show perfectly demonstrated the usercase for mTicketing, and how mobile self-service can offer dramatic improvement to passengers' journeys by giving them the freedom to purchase whenever and wherever they want.

Click here to watch the video clip.

To get the app, text 'Chiltern' to 88600, or visit the Chiltern Railways site.

For more information on mTicketing or Masabi, please contact Will on will[at]masabi.com.

Written by Ed Howson

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