23-Jul-2013 16:56:43
by Josh

Chiltern Railways first to roll out ‘App and Go’ tickets across entire commuter network

  • First in UK to provide on-phone tickets to be scanned at barriers at all Chiltern commuter stations
  • Ticketing now simpler with no queues and no waiting due to App and Go, meaning customers can buy tickets at the station and travel immediately
  • Car park tickets now also available via the Chiltern app

A new dawn in railway ticketing for infrequent commuters was heralded today when an entire commuter network was converted to App and Go ticketing for the first time.

The Chiltern Railways commuter area (covering Buckinghamshire and parts of Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire) is covered by a new scheme that allows passengers to pay for travel on their mobiles and then touch their phones on gates.

The service is designed for passengers who do not travel frequently enough for a season ticket but do not wish to queue at a ticket office every day. Instead, the system saves frequent journeys and allows the same journey to be loaded with just a few touches of the screen.

The system will allow commuters that travel a few times a week to save valuable minutes’ queuing time every day, and will ease queues at stations for those that remain.

With the launch of App and Go tickets Thomas Ableman, Commercial Director at Chiltern Railways said: “Infrequent commuting just got easier. We know that customers want ease and speed and no queues. People use phones for so much more than communication and transport is an obvious fit. No-one leaves home without their phone. We’re giving customers the ability to have a ticket on their most used item constantly on hand. What could be quicker or simpler than this?”

“App and Go mobile ticketing means no more waiting in line, so is the fastest way to get onboard.” said Ben Whitaker, CEO of transport mobile ticketing company, Masabi. “Chiltern continue to lead the industry as the first train operator to roll out this type of ticketing across their entire commuter network. We expect other train companies to quickly follow .”

For further media information and photos please contact the Chiltern Railways press office on 020 7333 3014 or press@chilternrailways.co.uk. Visit our website - www.chilternrailways.co.uk/news/press-releases to view the most recent press releases.

Masabi Media Contact:
Temono for Masabi
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Tel: +44 (0) 207 089 8894
Email: stephanie.ross@temono.com

Written by Josh

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