01-May-2014 01:05:33
by Josh

Mobile Ticketing in New York Hits the Headlines

The recent announcement by the MTA and Masabi that mobile ticketing is soon to be rolled-out on the MTA's Metro North Railroad and Long Island Rail Road has been met with a fantastic response from the public and news outlets alike.

CBS News

CBS News points out that paper tickets have been in use for nearly two centuries on the MTA, but the railroads are about to go high-tech. One customer said "That's so much easier than having to come earlier for your train to buy a ticket"

ABC Eyewitness News

An MTA spokesperson on ABC Eyewitness News said "We're confident that what we're getting is a well tested and good product" and Josh Robin of Masabi points out that "It's all about taking the friction out of commuting".

Other coverage has included the New York Post, News 12 TV and Bostinno talking about how the success of Masabi's Boston MBTA application resulted in the step-forward in New York.

Find out more by reading the press release.

Written by Josh

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