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06-Jul-2023 14:05:01
by Shona Thom

A Summer of Seamless Travel: Fire Island Ferries Records 3,000 Scans in Just 13 Days after Introducing Masabi’s Justride Platform Validators.

Fire Island Ferries in New York is enhancing their passenger experience as they gear up for the summer season, the busiest time of the year in Long Island. Building on a strong partnership with Masabi, Fire Island Ferries has installed nine Justride Platform Validators at their main terminal. This upgrade transitions Fire Island Ferries from a more time-consuming visual validation process to a seamless automatic electronic validation. The change not only streamlines the process for the company but also simplifies the journey for passengers, providing a smoother experience overall. 

Within the initial two weeks post-installation on June 1st, the new validators have already clocked over 3,000 scans. The quick uptake by passengers, which kicked off even before any major announcements about the validators, speaks to the intuitive and user-friendly design of this technology.

Each of the validators is dedicated to an individual boat heading to a different destination along the popular Fire Island, enabling effortless ticket validation. Passengers can now just tap and validate their tickets, purchased either through the FI mTickets or the Uber app. Remarkably, during this year's Memorial Day weekend, the company saw a surge in mobile ticket purchases with an impressive 77% of all tickets for that weekend being bought through the app alone! 

Considering the potential flood risks in the area during the winter, specialized flood plates were built into the platform validators, ensuring their reliability and resilience. These elevated platforms function as protective measures that secure the hardware from weather-related harm, ensuring the validators are consistently performing throughout the year.

And that’s not all. Thanks to the integration between Masabi and Uber, Fire Island Ferries have made their tickets conveniently available in the Uber app. This not only simplifies the ticket purchase process but also frees up passengers' summer days. Instead of dealing with parking hassles and ticket queues at the terminal, passengers can easily buy their tickets in the Uber app, swiftly scan them on the newly installed validators, and embark on their chosen Fire Island adventure without a hitch. 

The surge in digital ticket purchases by passengers has allowed Fire Island Ferries to reallocate their staff's efforts towards improved customer service, resulting in quicker and more streamlined service for riders. Long queues, once a common sight during peak times, have been substantially reduced thanks to the introduction of mobile ticketing.

The new validators and digital enhancements not only enhance the passenger journey but also cements a significant milestone in the partnership between Masabi and Fire Island Ferries. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of what's possible and setting new benchmarks for ferry travel.

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Written by Shona Thom

Marketing Executive at Masabi
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