21-Aug-2019 16:14:42
by James Gooch

The Benefits of Buying on G-Cloud 11

In case you haven’t heard the news or read our previous blog post just yet, Masabi has been selected to be part of the G-Cloud 11 framework! We’re super excited about it and if you’re a UK public sector buyer looking for public transport ticketing solutions, or any sort of cloud-based solution really, then you should be excited too.

In our previous blog post, we showed you how to buy on G-Cloud 11 and how this government framework can make going through the procurement process so much easier and less...painful (and if you haven’t seen it, don’t worry you can still view it here). So this time we thought we would talk about the benefits of using G-Cloud 11.

So... What’s so great about using G-Cloud 11? Here’s everything you need to know.


Benefit 1: Save time on lengthy procurements and direct awards

Buying cloud technology and SaaS services can be a tricky experience, especially for public sector buyers. If you’ve ever gone through the traditional procurement process then you know how time-consuming it can be… Don’t worry though, with G-Cloud 11 you can leave this experience behind. Thanks to the G-Cloud framework, buyers are able to pick the supplier that meets their requirements thanks to the direct award process (as tenders are not allowed through the G-Cloud framework). For public sector buyers, this simply means less time wasted, less stress, less paperwork, less costs and overall, a faster technology deployment!


Benefit 2: Get access to the most innovative companies in the market

Whether you’re looking for a cloud hosting, cloud software or a cloud support solution, G-Cloud 11 gives you access to a great selection of the best cloud suppliers, helping you make sure that you get access to cutting edge technology pre-approved by the G-Cloud 11 framework, no matter your business objectives. And Masabi has been successful in its application to offer its services on the G-Cloud 11 framework – buying from Masabi has never been so easy and straightforward!


Benefit 3: Say goodbye to legacy technology

Fed up with legacy tech that can’t keep up? So are we… It’s time to say goodbye to ‘old-fashioned’ legacy systems and say hello to easy to implement and maintain cloud (SaaS) services. Being able to implement a cloud-based SaaS solution means that buyers can stay away from costly projects which take a long time to implement. Overall, as a buyer, you can save money and time, plus you’ll be able to upgrade and scale your service far more easily than with a legacy solution.


Benefit 4: Stop wasting money on maintenance and storage

Purchasing a cloud hosted service through G-Cloud 11 means that you’re able to save money on costly maintenance and storage investments. Having everything stored or run from the cloud means less hardware/software infrastructure to install and maintain and as a result - lower storage and maintenance costs.


Benefit 5: Save money and ‘pay as you go'

Buying from G-Cloud 11 means that you can also benefit from buying (SaaS) services on a pay-as-you-go basis. In a nutshell, you only pay for what you use when you use it, which helps you make sure that you’re not overspending as is often the case with bespoke technologies. Through the G-Cloud 11 framework, you’re essentially buying off-the-shelf solutions that are quick to configure and deploy and are far more cost-effective.


Benefit 6: Avoid long and inflexible contracts

Another great thing about the G-Cloud 11 framework is that you can rest assured that you won’t be tied into a lengthy contract. The maximum length of a G-Cloud contract is usually twenty-four months. However, in some cases, you may be able to get your contract extended with adequate approvals.



Accessing and using the G-Cloud framework comes with plenty of advantages, making procurement processes easier and almost hassle-free for public sector buyers. At Masabi, we are proud to be a part of such a great framework, facilitating access to cloud-based solutions. 

For more details on Masabi’s offering on G-Cloud 11, make sure to head to our G-Cloud page or simply search for ‘software as a service mobile ticketing’ on the G-Cloud 11 platform.


Written by James Gooch

Head of Marketing at Masabi.
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