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03-Jun-2024 14:00:28
by Irina Grant

ECO Transit and Masabi Launch Next-Generation Account-Based Ticketing System

Riders can now use the ECO Transit Mobile Tickets app for a contactless transit experience delivering convenience, fare equity and accessibility

Eagle County, Co. – June 3rd, 2024 - ECO Transit, the transit agency for Eagle County, Colorado, today launched a new era in convenient and equitable travel on its services with the addition of Account-Based Ticketing powered by Masabi’s Open Platform, Justride. ECO Transit riders can now use the ECO Tickets app to simply tap and ride without needing to buy a ticket or select a fare, safe in the knowledge that they will be charged the best possible price for their journey.

The system delivers fare capping, ensuring all riders are guaranteed to pay the lowest possible fare for their journey, regardless of how they pay for travel, with Justride automatically calculating and deducting the correct fare from riders’ accounts to deliver enhanced fare equity and increased accessibility. Single journeys are charged at $3, and the system caps fares at the price of an ECO Transit monthly pass - which costs $63. 



The phased ‘Mobile-First’ deployment began with the launch of the ECO Tickets app in late 2022, enabling riders to purchase tickets using their smart devices. Building on this success, the modular design of the Masabi platform has made it straightforward to deploy ECO Transit’s new fare system in phases, providing an easy and low-risk upgrade path from mobile ticketing to a full account-based ticketing solution. Further upgrades are planned, including the introduction of ECO Transit smartcards, allowing everyone to tap and ride.

“Following the successful launch of the ECO Tickets app with Masabi in 2022 we were keen to develop the solution further to extend the convenience and accessibility to allow riders to board with a tap of their device - knowing they’d always be charged the best price,” said Larry Tenenholz, Acting Director at ECO Transit. “This upgrade to the platform will greatly improve passenger experience, offering flexibility and accessibility for our customers to undertake journeys as they please, safe in the knowledge that they will be charged the best possible price for their journey.”

“There is a growing demand from transit agencies across the world to provide their customers with simple, contactless and equitable systems to pay for their trips,” said Brian Zanghi, CEO of Masabi. “Masabi’s Fare Payments-as-a-Service platform is delivering a cutting-edge account-based ticketing solution quickly and cost-effectively with a low-risk phased deployment and enabling ECO Transit to provide its customers with a convenient fare payment experience that offers affordable, equitable fares, no matter how much or little they travel. It is a testament to Masabi’s ABT solution that ECO Transit are the third Colorado transit agency to launch.”

Written by Irina Grant

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