APTA AdWheel Awards
19-Jan-2022 13:23:41
by Irina Grant

EZfare in Partnership with Masabi Wins AdWheel Award from APTA and Excellence Award from OPTA

Masabi is thrilled to announce that "EZfare the Safe Way to Pay" campaign, rolled out with NEORide agencies throughout Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky, won 'Best Marketing and Communications to Increase Ridership' at the APTA AdWheel 2021. 


The award comes on the heels of Masabi being recognized by the Ohio Public Transit Association (OPTA) and handed the Excellence Award for the successful deployment of the EZFare fare payment project.


EZfare is a contactless mobile ticketing and fare payment solution which has made the discovery and use of public transit easier than ever before by delivering ticketing in an ‘open’ app ecosystem and in some of the best Mobility-as-a-Service and mobility apps in the world, including Transit, Uber and Moovit.


The EZfare solution, with its unique regional, multi-agency, multi-app approach, has significantly improved regional transit for riders of 14 transit agencies across Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky – creating a seamless payment and mobile ticketing system that vastly improves the ticketing experience. And, at a time of considerable uncertainty, when public transit has provided a lifeline to communities to ensure that key workers were able to get to and from their places of work, EZfare has provided transit riders with a contactless, safe and expedient means of payment. 


The project has brought together not just multiple agencies, but also forged partnerships with and developed solutions alongside the likes of Uber, Transit and Moovit, global household names in which EZfare is now integrated using the Justride SDK.


Receiving the OPTA award for Masabi was Lauren Tarte, Business Development Manager at the company. Here is what she had to say: “This award is very special to us as it underlines all the hard work we put in and highlights the value Masabi is bringing to its clients and users through the EZFare platform. It’s also exciting to think that the work we have done with EZFare is just the beginning. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with NEORide to push EZFare even further.”


EZFare was made possible thanks to using a shared platform configured to meet the agencies’ needs using a Fare Payment-as-a-Service approach, instead of needing to build a bespoke solution for the region saving costs, time and enabling constant innovation.


In addition to the two awards, EZfare also received the Transport Ticketing Award earlier this year, bringing the total win to three awards in 2021. These honours add to Masabi’s impressive run of over 14 ticketing awards in the last 20 months.


With big plans for the future, we will continue to work with EZfare agencies to ensure delivery of ground-breaking services including the delivery of fare capping, smartcards and Account-Based Ticketing.


For more information, download the EZfare case study.


Written by Irina Grant

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