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06-Mar-2023 15:41:43
by James Gooch

Introducing Masabi's Grant Funding Application Support Program

Every year national and regional governments make available hundreds of millions of dollars to transportation and transit agencies through discretionary grants for innovative fare payment solutions.

However, while funds are made available, the process of submitting for grant money can be both extremely taxing and difficult to navigate. 

That’s why we have launched Masabi’s Grant Funding Support Program.

Run by Masabi’s Transit Advisory Group, the program supports your grant program by taking the lead on applications or working with your internal grants administration staff to maximize the investment and chances of success. 

Masabi’s Transit Advisory Group Consultants are experts in developing grant application strategies with ideation, alignment with an agency's strategic and capital investment programs, and identifying ways to fund or accelerate planned technology advances or capital projects. 

Not only can we assist with your grant application process, but our experienced program managers can take on all aspects of the research grant development and operation, allowing your teams to focus on other mission-critical programs. 

Interested in speaking with a Masabi consultant about how we can support your grant application program? Get in contact with us.


How Masabi can help with your grant applications:

  1. Grant Application Identification. We will work with your team to identify relevant state and federal grants that assist in improving your fare payments system, reach out to industry partners or other interested agencies, and coordinate with your staff to write and submit the application.
  2. Grant Program Management. Masabi’s team is here to make grant applications easy. Masabi Consultants can lead interactions with the granting authority, manage the creation and submission of project deliverables, and facilitate kickoff meetings/project team workshops/grantor meetings.
  3. Grant Application Submission. The Masabi team can both manage the grant application submission or provide support to your internal stakeholders, easing the resource burden.
  4. Expertise. Our team has deep experience in identifying, managing, and attaining grant funding. We can help your application stand out and increase your chances of success. Which, let’s face it, is a win for everyone. Your agency, us, and the riders you serve. 

Output from the Program:

  • Grant application plans
  • Grant applications
  • Meeting materials and program deliverables
  • Letters of support 


Why Masabi?

Masabi’s Transit Advisory Group is staffed by experts with experience both from Federal and private sector sides of discretionary grant writing, awarding, and management.

The Masabi team has brought in multi-millions of funding for transit agencies from multiple Federal and State agencies.

Awarded grants have included funds to:

  • Deploy onboard validators to provide a safer, contactless fare payment experience.
  • Assess low-fare equity programs.
  • Facilitate multi-agency and multi-modal travel.
  • Integrate fixed and demand response services into a single payment platform.
  • Create regional payment solutions, sharing costs across agencies to assist smaller and rural agencies to provide the same benefits as larger agencies. 


Grant Testimonial:

“Masabi has been an integral team member for several state and federal grants.  Their knowledge and experience has enhanced projects ensuring success and funding.”
Katherine Conrad, Director, NEORide


Interested in speaking with a Masabi consultant about how we can support your grant application program? Get in contact with us.


Written by James Gooch

Head of Marketing at Masabi.
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