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01-Feb-2022 09:45:06
by Irina Grant

Masabi Partners with TransLoc to Deliver Contactless Fare Payment Solutions for Transit Providers

In the wake of the pandemic, the demand for contactless payment services is more prevalent than ever before. As a leader in innovative transit technology, TransLoc has partnered with Masabi, the world’s largest mobile ticketing supplier bringing Fare Payments-as-a-Service to public transit, to deliver contactless fare payment solutions to transit providers. 


With this partnership, TransLoc is able to provide market leading fare payment solutions to transit agencies, including mobile ticketing using digital passes or electronic validation, allowing passengers to skip the lines and purchase tickets anywhere at any time using complete account-based ticketing systems. 


Account-based Ticketing allows passengers to simply ‘Tap to Ride’ using mobile phones, smartcards, contactless bank cards and mobile wallets (cEMV) without needing to buy tickets or select fares in advance, revolutionizing the rider experience and enhancing fare equity through the introduction of ‘fare capping’ technology. The partnership agreement was finalized in December 2021 and is now available to TransLoc’s new and existing customers.


TransLoc Manager of Partnerships Jackson Lake shares, “We’re evolving the way we provide service to transit providers so they can adapt alongside society with riders’ changing needs. Working with Masabi presents a massive opportunity for us to enhance the end-user experience by making it easier and more efficient, and creating a one-stop-shop for agencies to offer multiple rider services under one contract.”


“By delivering Fare Payments-as-a-Service through our market leading platform, Justride, TransLoc’s customers can now receive the latest fare payment innovation delivered quickly, cost-effectively and benefit from a platform which is constantly updating and adding new features, revolutionizing the rider experience. We are thrilled to be working with TransLoc to help deliver best-in class services to agencies of all sizes across North America.” said Dustin Heimler, Channel Sales Director at Masabi.


Written by Irina Grant

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