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30-Oct-2019 10:52:15
by James Gooch

Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Rail Road Introduce Mail&Ride eTix Delivery

Customers Can Now Receive Monthly Tickets Delivered via MTA eTix app


The MTA’s Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Rail Road will today start providing customers who subscribe to Mail&Ride monthly tickets the option of receiving them electronically on their mobile devices, allowing customers another convenient option to purchase monthly tickets.


Customers can now choose to have their monthly ticket for December, and every month after, delivered via the MTA eTix app, instead of through the mail. Those customers who wish to continue receiving their tickets in the mail will not have to change anything, as that service will remain.


To access, customers will need to download the MTA eTix app and sign up for an account, then sign into their Mail&Ride account and change the ticket delivery option to eTix.


“The ability to receive the monthly ticket directly on a mobile device will be a great benefit for the approximately 20,000 Mail&Ride customers at Metro-North,” said Metro-North Railroad President, Catherine Rinaldi. “We believe that providing this option will further enhance the experience for many of our customers, and underscores our commitment to modernizing all of our operations and services.”


“Mail&Ride was created to provide our on-the-go customers the ease of never having to wait in line to purchase a monthly ticket, and we’re excited to now provide our 22,000 customers who use this service another option of receiving their monthly tickets on mobile phones,” said Long Island Rail Road President, Phillip Eng. “This is another example that highlights our efforts, through LIRR Forward, of upgrading, modernizing and improving our customer experience on all facets of the railroad.”


This new Mail&Ride digital service is currently available for monthly MNR and LIRR tickets only. At this time, customers who are currently enrolled in our monthly Mail&Ride program, and who also concurrently purchase a connecting service such as subway, bus, or ferry, will continue to use the paper ticket option.


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Written by James Gooch

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