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31-Aug-2023 17:34:58
by James Gooch

Mountain Metropolitan Transit in Colorado Springs and Masabi Launch Next-Generation Account-Based Ticketing System

MMT Customers Can Access Contactless Payment Options Delivering Convenience, Fare Equity and Accessibility for Riders


Colorado, USA – Thursday 31st August 2023 Mountain Metropolitan Transit (MMT) in Colorado Springs has announced a new era in convenient and equitable travel on its services with the launch of a cutting-edge fare payment system, powered by Masabi’s Open Platform, Justride. Riders are now able to purchase reusable smartcards or use the RideMMT app, giving them the ability to simply tap and ride without needing to buy a ticket or select a fare before traveling, safe in the knowledge that they will be charged the best possible price for their journey.


The account-based ticketing solution from Masabi simplifies payments and delivers more cost-efficient travel, ensuring all riders pay the lowest price for every journey, no matter how often they ride, with Justride automatically calculating and deducting the correct fare from riders’ account to deliver enhanced fare equity and increased accessibility.


The phased ‘Mobile-First’ deployment began with the launch of the RideMMT mobile ticketing app in early 2022, enabling riders to purchase tickets using their smart devices, which proved to be a great success. Masabi then installed Justride Validator units (JRVs) onboard MMT’s bus fleet culminating in the launch of a new Account-Based Ticketing solution providing the foundations for fare payment innovation over the coming years. The modular design of the Masabi platform makes it possible to deploy MMT’s new fare system in phases, providing an easy and low-risk upgrade path from mobile ticketing to a full solution supporting all rider groups.

“We’re excited to be extending our partnership with Masabi, by expanding to their outstanding account-based ticketing solution through their Justride platform” said Lan Rao, Transit Division Director at Mountain Metropolitan Transit. “The upgrade to this platform will greatly improve passenger experience, it offers flexibility and accessibility for our customers to undertake journeys as they please, without having to pay last-minute prices, enhancing and upholding fare equity”.


“Over the last few years, we have seen a revolution in transit agencies providing their customers with simple, contactless and equitable systems by which to travel,” said Brian Zanghi, CEO of Masabi. “Our account-based ticketing platform allows transit agencies such as MMT to provide customers with a convenient fare payment experience and affordable, equitable fares, no matter how much or little they travel, or how they choose to pay for those rides. It levels the playing field for all transit customers.”

Written by James Gooch

Head of Marketing at Masabi.
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