27-May-2020 11:27:30
by James Gooch

Metro Magazine Webinar - Fare Payments-as-a-Service: A Better Way to Modernize Your Fare Collection System Post COVID-19

Will the new fare payments world post-pandemic be different to the one we left behind? We can already see that people will be using, and demanding, safe ways to pay - for both riders and operators this means avoiding handling cash and tickets as much as possible.


During this on-demand webinar, we explore the potential changes required for fare payments teams as well as a new way of delivering these services called ‘Fare Payments-as-a-Service’. We also look at how this model for systems delivery can set agencies up for enabling Mobility-as-a-Service.


Click here to watch the webinar.


Key Takeaways:

  • How to introduce contactless payments and decrease reliance on the farebox.
  • Should the farebox be the center of your agency’s fare collection strategy?
  • Rear-door boarding and fare-free policies during COVID-19; how to continue collecting fares and still protect drivers.
  • What is Fare Payments-as-a-Service and why are agencies moving to this model for systems delivery?
  • An agile and cost effective way to introduce a long-term fare payments modernization strategy.
  • How Fare Payments-as-a-Service can help enable MaaS
  • Hear from industry leaders about their fare payment set up and plans for the future
Meet the Panelists:
Tonya Anderson
Senior Product Manager
Electronic Fare Collections
The RTD in Denver
Scott Mazick
Director of Technical Services
Regional Transportation Commission
of Southern Nevada
Katherine Conrad
Director of Client Services
Zach Ascher
VP of North America
Ben Whitaker

Written by James Gooch

Head of Marketing at Masabi.
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