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03-May-2024 12:50:09
by James Gooch

The Benefits of Partnering with Masabi

Justride is the world’s leading Fare Payments as a Service platform – providing a tried and tested solution to deploying the latest innovations in fare payments quickly and cost-effectively.

With a customer base of over 200 transit agencies, authorities, and operators worldwide and a string of prestigious awards, demand for Masabi’s enterprise-grade Justride platform is growing rapidly – and we’re actively seeking partners and collaborators to join us on our journey.

Justride delivers the latest Account-Based Ticketing, Open Payments, Mobile Ticketing and Mobility-as-a-Service solutions, and because Justride is an open platform, it’s easy to integrate with new and existing systems to create a best-in-class solution that can be up-and-running and generate revenue quickly and cost-effectively.


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A Partner-First Approach

At Masabi we want to make our platform accessible to transit agencies of all sizes. We also want to ensure that cities get the best solutions in the market and are not locked into expensive proprietary systems. That’s why we operate an open partner ecosystem to ensure whatever cities need is delivered by a collaborative team of ‘Justride-Ready’ partners.

Because Masabi is one of only a few fully independent vendors in the market (that we know of), our partner-based, modular platform can ‘plug and play’ with best-in-class solutions around the globe.

The advanced API-driven open platform is designed to deliver effective solutions without locking agencies into expensive and restrictive contracts, increasing our clients’ control, flexibility, and choice of technology partners.


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Join Masabi’s ‘Justride Ready’ Partner Program

We are committed to working collaboratively within an open ecosystem and understand the value and importance of building strong partnerships and pooled expertise to deliver robust and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

We understand the value of forging strong relationships with local partners who have specialist knowledge and invaluable insights into local market conditions. Recent collaborations include working closely with local system integrator Gertek to deliver fare payments systems for Lurraldebus in Northern Spain and with Municipia to deliver mobile ticketing for Bus Miccolis in Southern Italy and Fujitsu in Australia to help deliver Open Payments for Skybus.

Masabi has the largest partner ecosystem (again - that we know of) in the public transportation market, with more than 100 best-in-class partners worldwide. We have built relationships with established partners who specialize in the transit sector and understand the specific technology and regulatory requirements to ensure a new system is compliant, secure, and ready to go.

Masabi’s Partner Programme fosters closer cooperation and collaboration between Masabi and our partners. Using insights, data and practical deployment expereince accumulated over more than a decade in delivering platform-powered solutions, we can help support our partners’ growth and work together to bring ticketing innovations to public transport systems of all sizes.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of the ‘Justride Ready’ partner program then please get in touch with us. Contact us 


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Partner Program Benefits

1. New Revenue Opportunities

As awareness of Fare Payments as a Service spreads around the globe, demand for Masabi’s platform is accelerating as more and more transit authorities grasp the cost savings and operational efficiencies of deploying a SaaS platform to collect fares.

This creates a significant growth opportunity for our partner resellers who are committed to embracing market-leading fare payment solutions and working collaboratively with us to successfully tender and win new fare payment contracts worldwide and develop new revenue streams.

We work with both Systems Integrators and transit technology partners to resell Masabi’s platform as both an off-the-shelf solution and a modular best-in-class proposition.


2. Program Support: Onboarding and training

Getting to grips with new technology can be challenging for you and your team, but have no fear, we have a comprehensive partner training program to make the onboarding process as quick and easy as possible.

Masabi experts will support your team through a comprehensive induction process and provide ongoing training, support and advice throughout the partnership.


3. Program Support: Joint Marketing Campaigns

Two marketing teams are better than one, and our partner program supports your marketing team in promoting Masabi’s platform or our joint partner proposition.

Masabi has an experienced team of Marketing professionals that will supply you with a comprehensive package of messaging, content, communications and go-to-market support you need to make sure our partnership is a success.


4. Program Support: Bid with the best

Masabi has an outstanding track record in securing and delivering transit ticketing solutions worldwide and because we are committed to an Open Ecosystem, our partners can benefit from that expertise in both the bidding and delivery phases of small, medium, and large-scale transit tenders.

Masabi’s partnership team has unrivaled experience in coordinating efforts with partners to target, bid, win, deploy, and operate new contracts. Our established ‘go to market’ strategy takes an integrated approach that involves and engages our partners at every step of the way – from initial RFP to deployment, customer support, and ongoing business development.

Because Justride is an open platform we have extensive experience of working collaboratively to integrate with existing systems and partners.


5. Platform Benefits: Fast and Simple integrations

Our experience of integrating Justride with such a diverse range of partners gives us a significant advantage in terms of speed to market, with some fare collection systems deployed within just a few weeks of contract sign-off.

Because Justride is an open platform with extensive APIs and SDKs and because we have deep experience of working collaboratively to integrate with existing systems and partners we can work with your team to go live quickly.  

Pre-integrations. Because Justride is a SaaS platform you may only need to integrate with us once and we can then use that integration to connect with other Justride agencies quickly and easily.


6 Platform Benefits: Platform Experts

Our team has been working with transit agencies and payment partners for more than 200 transit agencies for more than a decade.

Every deployment is different and transit agencies have diverse needs and operate within specific contexts, but with so many successful deployments already in active fare collection service, the chances are, our team will have direct experience of finding solutions to even the most complex challenges.

This gives us an in-built advantage when bidding for new fare payment contracts. New partners can tap into Masabi’s wealth of knowledge and experience of winning fare payment tenders and strong track record of delivering for clients around the world.


Want to work with us?

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Written by James Gooch

Head of Marketing at Masabi.
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