19-Jun-2019 16:00:43
by James Gooch

Top 10 Fare Collection Trends (you need to be aware of!)

While the transport ticketing industry has seen rapid technological evolution in recent years, most fare collection systems are still reliant on proprietary tickets, on-premise infrastructure and specialist (expensive) hardware.


However, a revolution is taking place, with new ticket media and ticketing models disrupting the market. Trends such as Account Based Ticketing, Mobility as a Service and Bring Your Own Ticket, together with the ability, for the first time, for organisations to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing are making the implementation of new, more convenient, ticketing technologies easier, faster and more cost-effective. 

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Here are the top 10 trends taking place in the fare collection industry that every transport provider needs to be aware of.

  1. Dematerialisation (Bring Your Own Ticket or BYOT)
  2. The rise of Account Based Ticketing (ABT) - the ‘tap and ride’ experience
  3. Enabling Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) for public transit
  4. The development of cloud-native scalability
  5. The use of subscribe & go ticketing services
  6. Continuous innovation - One update, all agencies benefit
  7. Outcome-based procurement or results based buying
  8. Open integrations (API centric architecture)
  9. Digital ticketing for everyone
  10. Minimising infrastructure

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Written by James Gooch

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