21-Sep-2018 11:31:04
by James Gooch

Easily Migrate your Mobile Ticketing to Masabi

Mobile ticketing has changed the game in terms of being able to quickly deliver fare collection innovation to passengers, but thanks to the maturity, architecture, reliability and robustness of the Justride Platform mobile ticketing can now be made available to passengers in just a handful of days.


In August Masabi Launched mobile ticketing for a client in just 20 days, three days faster than our previous fastest deployment of 23 days a few months before. The truth is - the Justride platform, which runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and was the first PCI certified platform in operation with them on both sides of the Atlantic, can be up and running in a week, if we have all the information we need to configure the platform in a timely manner.


We also ensure an exceptional uptime (99.9%) and have the ability to scale up and down to deal with peaks in demand. Masabi is processing over two thirds of a billion in fare revenue annually and is by far the largest mobile ticketing supplier in the market because of our commitment to building a robust and reliable platform. We also have a successful history of taking over from other mobile ticketing suppliers and running migration programs which lead to increases in adoption.


Migrating Services

Last year we took over a bus service from an mTicketing supplier and we now see over 66% adoption, an exceptional achievement which is due to the fact that Justride is a pure ticketing platform designed to be the best and most user friendly ticketing service, leaving things like journey planning to experts in that field. We believe in a best-of-breed approach by connecting services together via the Justride SDK which integrates Justride into 3rd party apps. We can also quickly migrate services by honouring existing contractual arrangements.

Onboarding with Masabi

Masabi has over 65 clients across 4 continents, which means getting authorities and operators Justride enabled is now a well oiled machine. The process is as follows:

  1. The onboarding process starts with a project plan which includes all the information we need to get started and get the service set up, along with an overview of project phasing, responsibilities and timelines.
  2. The project kick off meeting reviews the project plan, agrees key milestones and shares relevant set up information.
  3. Justride configuration involves setting up the relevant fares, branding the application. configuring the right PSP, purchase workflow and mobile wallet enablement.
  4. Services configuration involves a staff training program, marketing campaign set up and PR support, customer support set up and process agreement.
  5. Staff training for multiple teams across an agency. This usually includes customer service, administration, finance and inspection staff.
  6. The testing phase ensures the service will be working perfectly ready for go live.
  7. Pilot optionality. A pilot can be initiated to test the service but this is not often taken up by our clients and is not a requirement.
  8. Go live followed by the PR and marketing launch.


If you would like to learn more please email: James.Gooch@masabi.com


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Written by James Gooch

Head of Marketing at Masabi.
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