08-Dec-2004 18:34:57
by Tom Godber

Masabi Unveils the Mobile Viral - New Approach for Mobile Apps Distribution

- Masabi, the mobile applications company, today announced the general availability of its Mobile Viral solution. The software can be incorporated into Java applications, allowing them to be distributed virally, with users distributing them to their friends and contacts.

Masabi is the global pioneer in mobile viral distribution and is already in talks with a number of marketing companies, wishing to utilise this method of mobile content distribution. The company has already successfully rolled out Pick the Prez, a mobile viral proof of concept which allowed the company to hone the software and approach.

"In the world of mobile games and marketing applications, the hardest element is actually getting the content onto users phones," said Tom Godber, CTO of Masabi. "Our Mobile Viral solution allows users to share the experience with their friends and so act as evangelists for mobile content. This approach has been shown to dramatically improve content downloads and so increase the returns from mobile marketing spend."

About Masabi

Masabi was founded as a mobile games developer in late 2001 by a group of friends wanting to bring the classic home computer game 'Repton' to mobile phones. The company has since refocused on delivering consumer applications to mobile phones, drawing on the expertise and experience from the mobile gaming world.

Current Masabi applications range from educational games to gambling account managers to mobile books which 'publish' text and images onto the handset. Masabi is also a leader in the world of viral mobile applications.

Written by Tom Godber

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