08-Aug-2007 10:50:00
by Tom Godber

Wanted: Testing Guru

Masabi are looking for a London-based Mobile Software Tester to come and work at our offices on the South Bank – our ideal candidate will be flexible and multi-talented, main responsibilities would include:

  • Testing all new apps across all handsets;
  • Researching new handset announcements and identifying what handsets need to be purchased;
  • Acquiring new handsets, configuring them, experimenting with their Java implementations and documenting everything about them.

Good QA skills and an interest in playing with the latest handsets is crucial, but we’re a small company so there are huge opportunities to take on other roles and an ideal candidate would be able to show they bring a lot more to the table, be it skills in tech writing, graphics, sound, usability testing – surprise us!

Email those CVs over to contact at masabi.com or give Ben a call on +44 207 981 9781.


Written by Tom Godber

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