15-Apr-2008 11:56:00
by Tom Godber

Masabi to Present at Mobile Monday Estonia

If you happen to be in Tartu, Estonia on April 28th then drop in to the next MoMo Estonia meeting at the lovely Ülikooli Kohvik to hear Masabi’s very own Giacomo present and myself take part in a round table discussion.
The event topic will be: "Software Development for Mobile Phones: Platforms, Users, and Managing Complexity." The full event schedule is:

  • "Creating services for the mobile phone - how to best serve users on the move" - Giacomo Biggero, Masabi, London
  • "Designing mobile user experiences - coping with the huge range of mobile handset types" - Sven Kirsimäe, MoMo Estonia
  • Open Panel Discussion "Future services - The best and worst" - experts from different mobile companies

For those not in the know, Estonia is a veritable hot-bed of mobile software development so the event is likely to be both lively and informative.

Written by Tom Godber