05-Feb-2009 16:15:00
by Tom Godber

Masabi Talking at MWC 2009

Ben and I will be talking about mobile security and demonstrating various things you can do to increase it at Mobile World Congress on Monday 16th in Barcelona. Our talk should encompass everything from common mistakes which reduce security through to what to do about transcoders breaking your HTTPS end-to-end security, and we aim to demonstrate useful techniques you can take home and apply.

We'll be presenting at 4pm in Hall 5 Auditorium 3, as part of the GSMA's Mobile Application Developer Garage:

"This unique event will answer key questions and provoke informative debate through keynotes, discussions, on-stage coding and tutorials and presentations. A demo breakout area will offer hands-on experience with developers creating applications in realtime and offering an insight into the future of application development. The agenda can be found at www.mobileworldcongress.com."

If you don't yet have a pass but would like to attend, there is also a 15% discount available! To get it, register here, select any pass (including just a day pass for the App Garage) and enter the discount code 'APPAB'. Voila, 15% off!

If you can't attend the talk but you'd like to meet up, Ben will be attending from Monday through to Thursday, and I will be there Monday and Tuesday and also attending the full complement of Mobile Monday side events (including Mobile Sunday and the Peer Awards) in my role as a co-founder of MoMo Estonia. Contact us if you'd like to meet us and chat about anything to do with mobile applications, security, ticketing or anything else we do!

Written by Tom Godber