18-May-2010 10:20:38
by Tom Godber

Masabi Signs M-Ticketing Deal with thetrainline.com

LONDON, UK – 18th May 2010 – Masabi, the developer of m-ticketing software for mass-market phones, today announced that it has signed a deal with thetrainline.com for a mass-market m-ticketing purchase and delivery system. The system will allow users to buy and display UK rail tickets direct from their mobile phones for any route on the National Rail network without having to visit ticket offices or ticket machines. The system is already in development with a rollout expected later in 2010.

The Trainline Masabi - the ticket machine in your pocket

While it has been possible to purchase tickets online for some time, the majority of tickets are still bought at the station where queuing can be a problem, particularly at peak times. The Masabi mobile application will enable tickets to be bought on almost any mobile phone and is designed to be easy to use, even for those who have never used a mobile application before. Using the application you will be able to search, purchase tickets using a credit or debit card and then either display the ticket, including a secure barcode, on the phone’s screen or collect a conventional ticket at the train station. Rail operators have already commenced the rollout of barcode scanners on trains and at rail stations, with several major routes expected to be fully covered by the end of this summer.

The Masabi ticketing solution supports the widest range of handsets, from the latest smartphones to very basic handsets. It is also designed to work in the most challenging of situations, using either data or SMS to make fully secure ticket purchases even in areas with very limited phone reception. The system uses Masabi’s award-winning, US government certified, EncryptME security to protect all transactions.

“To-date mobile ticketing has focused on niche trials, but we needed a partner able to address the specific issues of a mass-market rollout in the National Rail network.” said Richard Rowson, product development director of thetrainline.com. “We conducted an extensive RFP process to identify the best technology partner for our mobile ticket sales and delivery system. Masabi were able to offer a unique combination of security, usability, barcode standards and mass-market phone compatibility – alongside a thorough understanding of UK rail.”

“We all know the frustration of waiting for an available ticket machine or window while the minutes tick away towards our train’s departure time” said Ben Whitaker, CEO of Masabi, “By combining our mobile technology with thetrainline.com’s ticketing systems, we will be able to put a ticket machine in everyone’s pocket, regardless of what phone they have.”

About Masabi

Masabi is a UK developer of secure m-ticketing applications for the transport industry. The company’s ticketing technology is currently being used by UK rail operators. In December 2008 Masabi’s design for a secure barcode ticket was adopted as a national standard by the UK Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC). The company’s award-winning EncryptME system has been validated by BT Labs and certified by NIST, the US Government's security standards body. In line with the latest web security standards EncryptME provides payment grade, end-to-end security for all mobile communications over SMS, GPRS, 3G and NFC on almost all handsets. For further details see www.masabi.com

About thetrainline.com

thetrainline.com is the leading UK rail ticket retailer and rail ticket information provider, offering fast and easy access to timetables, fares, reservations and tickets through its Internet site and contact centre operations in the UK train travel sector. In addition to its own website, www.thetrainline.com, it operates retail websites for a number of Train Operating Companies who sell rail tickets online, as well as providing a rail business travel service direct to a number of blue chip corporations and travel agents.

Written by Tom Godber