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17-Oct-2022 14:14:10
by Irina Grant

Eau Claire Transit Picks Masabi and TransLoc to Deliver Next Generation of Intelligent Travel with Account-Based Ticketing and Real-Time Trip Planning

Masabi’s Fare Payments-as-a-Service platform delivers the latest ‘tap and ride’ technology, with partner TransLoc providing automated dispatch and vehicle location services for up-to-the-minute rider information


Masabi today announced that it has been selected, along with partner TransLoc, by Eau Claire Transit in Wisconsin to deliver a next-generation fare payment system powered by Masabi’s Justride platform. The phased deployment will see the launch of a comprehensive and innovative account-based fare payment solution to Eau Claire.


The ground-breaking new mobile and account-based ticketing solution will transform the passenger experience by enabling riders to travel across the agency’s network without having to select their fare or buy a ticket in advance, with Justride automatically calculating and deducting the correct fare from riders’ accounts delivering enhanced fare equity and accessibility for passengers. 


A new Eau Claire Transit mobile app will be deployed to allow riders to purchase tickets and passes in just a few easy steps. Riders who prefer to use cash will be able to deposit funds into their accounts at select retail locations across the City. 


As part of the deployment, Masabi will install fare validators across the entire Eau Claire Transit fleet, allowing passengers to board swiftly by scanning their smartphone or smartcard, as well as offering the agency an upgrade path to supporting contactless EMV bank cards. Masabi will also be working with partner TransLoc who provides Intelligent Transportation Systems (CAD/AVL).


TransLoc will be providing a variety of tools to make Eau Claire Transit easy for riders to navigate and for operations to manage the system. Riders will be able to use the TransLoc app to find their buses for real-time trip planning, and on board the buses they’ll see and hear announcements about upcoming bus stops. For the transit operations team, Automatic Passenger Counters, Computer-Aided Dispatch, and Automatic Vehicle Locators will make it easy to manage daily operations and collect critical service data.


“As riders return to public transit, the focus of agencies is on providing their customers with a simple, contactless and safe system by which to travel. By deploying our Fare Payments-as-a-Service platform Eau Claire is doing just that,” said Brian Zanghi, CEO of Masabi. “Just a few years ago, this technology would have been out of reach to all but the largest agencies. Today, we are delivering this cutting-edge solution to towns and cities all over the world in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. We are delighted to have been selected to provide this system with our partner TransLoc, and look forward to working with Eau Claire Transit in the years to come.”


“We’ve worked with Eau Claire Transit for many years, and we’re excited to partner with Masabi to make it easier than ever for riders to get around,” said Rich Antoine, TransLoc General Manager.


“We believe this collaboration will help make Eau Claire Transit more accessible and user-friendly for all in our community,” said Tom Wagener, the City of Eau Claire’s Transit Manager. “We look forward to the implementation.”


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