14-Mar-2022 13:39:54
by Irina Grant

Masabi and RTD Bring Access-a-Ride Paratransit Tickets to Uber, Lyft, Transit and RTD Denver Mobile Apps

In a move that improves equity, passengers who use RTD Denver’s Access-a-Ride paratransit service can now purchase their fares using cash, paper or mobile tickets.

Denver’s Regional Transportation District (RTD Denver) has announced that Access-a-Ride fares can now be purchased using RTD Denver’s Mobile Tickets app, as well via the Uber, Lyft and Transit apps. As with all mobile tickets, Access-a-Ride tickets can be purchased for immediate use or for future travel.


RTD, Uber and Masabi launched the world’s first transit ticketing service via a ride hailing app in the Spring of 2019, and Masabi has since enabled Lyft and Transit app customers to seamlessly buy tickets and ride transit.


While pre-purchased tickets remain valid for 45 days after purchase, RTD Denver fares will remain the same price whether paying by cash, paper ticket or mobile ticket, and they are available at Local, Regional and Airport fare levels.


Prior to this launch, Access-a-Ride fares could only be paid in cash or with Local 6-Ride Ticket Books, the latter available at RTD Denver sales outlets, participating King Soopers and Safeway stores or online. Enabling individuals to purchase Access-a-Ride tickets from a smartphone provides them with the same convenience that customers experience on RTD Denver’s fixed-route bus and rail services.


“This is about equity,” said Paul Hamilton, RTD Denver’s Senior Manager of Paratransit Services. “Mobile ticketing gives customers one more option, it brings them into the 21st century and it ensures that they are treated the same way we would treat any of our customers.”


RTD has more than 14,700 active Access-a-Ride customers, nearly 1,000 of whom are new to the service within the last year. As of the fourth quarter of 2021, reflecting the most recent data available, an average of 39,179 Access-a-Ride trips were taken each month during the COVID-19 pandemic. Frequent travel destinations include medical offices, dialysis centres, day programmes and workplaces. Access-a-Ride also offers its customers grocery delivery and pickup, a service that debuted in March 2020.


Masabi and RTD continue to work closely together to optimize the agency’s fare payment offering across the RTD network to serve the future transportation needs of the growing region, and ensure that all riders receive an equitable, convenient and innovative fare payment experience.

Written by Irina Grant

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