13-May-2009 17:46:00
by Ben Whitaker

Masabi speaking at ITS UK Ticket Standards Seminar, and at European Telco Strategy event

For those of you on the conference circuit, you can see Ben Whitaker from Masabi speaking about new mobile ticketing approaches for public transport including mobile payments via credit card this month at the UK's ITS Passenger Information Interest Group's seminar on Options for Ticketing and Standards in Ticketing which is on the 27th May in London. Other speakers include Virgin Trains, Department for Transport, and our good friends Consult Hyperion.

We will also be speaking later this year in Berlin at the European CxO Telco Strategy event on the 30th November and 1st December, alongside speakers from several European network operators.

If you are attending these events and wish to schedule time with Masabi, feel free to book in a time in advance, via the ususal channels.

Written by Ben Whitaker

A Co-Founder of Masabi, Ben is the company’s Chief Evangelist, focussing primarily on innovation at the company, as well as helping agencies to understand how to bring new technologies into their transit operations without the expense and risk of multi-year large capital projects.
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