04-Dec-2018 10:00:51
by James Gooch

Need a mobile app quickly? We have just the ticket...

I won’t lie, it used to take us a few months to get a mobile ticketing deployment out the door and into passengers’ hands. When you are building a SaaS platform it takes time to build enough capabilities that deploying became a configuration rather than a develop, test and release process.


Still, compared to legacy providers, a mobile ticketing system that took months to launch was a game changer for fare collection teams used to expensive, long-running, infrastructure-heavy projects.


The maturity of Masabi’s Justride Platform means that today rather than deploying in months it can now be done in just days or weeks. Here are a few examples we would like to share.


Fire-Island Ferries live in 23 days

Twenty-three days was all it took for Masabi to configure and deploy afire island app2 solution for Fire Island Ferries, who have been running their marine service in New York state since 1948. Due to the seasonal nature of Fire Island’s ridership, the demand for the ferry and water taxi services significantly increases during the busy summer months, meaning their old system of queuing up to purchase tickets before boarding became unsustainable. Looking for a solution that could be deployed quickly, it became apparent that the Justride Platform was the best option. With this solution, customers no longer had to purchase a paper ticket before boarding or carry cash. The visual digital ticket was a great fit to avoid fare evasion and Masabi was able to roll out twenty-three days from contract signature, meaning the service could be deployed ahead of the busy summer period.


SW Transit live in 20 days

Apparently, twenty-three days was not fast enough, as Masabi only tookswtransit twenty days to roll out the SW Mobile Tickets app, which was initially available for riders to use when travelling to the Minnesota State Fair. The app allows riders to purchase tickets on their smartphones anytime, anywhere and then display them on screen to show the driver when boarding the bus. The new app is available for download from both the App Store and Google Play, with more routes and fares being added in the coming months.


National Express Bus and Bustang live in 7 weeks

The National Express West Midlands Bus app took Masabi 7 weeks to deploy. nxappAdding a mobile ticketing solution not only makes it easier to ride, it also encourages riders to use the bus more, with 55% of customers saying that they were using the bus more after downloading the app.

The Justride Bustang mobile app was another quick roll out by Masabi, also only taking 7 weeks. Bustang is a bus company operated for the Colorado Department of Transportation by Ace Express and offers daily services linking various 

bustang-1cities in the glorious state of Colorado. Roll out speed is not the only impressive story here though, as just ten months since launching in September of 2017, the app reached a 66% adoption rate amongst riders, highlighting not only Masabi’s speed in delivering a solution but also the quality of the solution itself.


Four deployments in just two weeks

It’s not just that Masabi can operate quickly with one project at awoodlandsapp time though. This past summer, Masabi rolled out multiple agencies and solutions around the globe. This included solutions for Palmetto Breeze (SC), The Woodlands Township (TX), SW Transit (MN) and Lurraldebus - the Spanish intercity public transport service. All of these were deployed within two weeks of each other.


For Lurraldebus, Masabi and Gertek partnered to produce the ‘LurTicket’ system. Through the mobile app riders can buy and display tickets in English, lurticketSpanish and Euskera. The app has been developed by Gertek using the Justride SDK to incorporate Masabi’s market leading ticketing technology. In addition, drivers will check tickets using Masabi’s scanning software, Inspect - an application that can run on Android and Apple smartphones and is used around the globe to quickly and reliably validate barcode tickets.


The Woodlands Township, a suburb of Houston, needed a mobile ticketing app for riders of The Woodlands Express Park and Ride bus service. Now riders can buy tickets palmetto-breeze-phoneon their smartphone to present to the driver.


Palmetto Breeze launched their app BreezePass which is available for The Breeze, the recently launched Hilton Head Island public trolley service, as well as bus services Palmetto Breeze provides across all five Lowcountry counties including Beaufort, Jasper, Allendale, Colleton and Hampton.


The fact is, Masabi can not only provide quality solutions in a short amount of time, but we also have the ability to manage multiple diverse projects at the same time. This is because Justride is a mature and proven platform making it both robust and reliable. Justride is now processing over three-quarters of a billion in fare revenue annually, and helping agencies of all sizes move to a SaaS full fare collection solution, following our Bring Your Own Ticket (BYOT) philosophy, helping to reduce the total cost of fare collection for agencies around the globe.

Written by James Gooch

Head of Marketing at Masabi.
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